The Grey NATO - Ep 49 - The Rocky Mountain Way

Recorded live and face-to-face during Oris’ 2018 preview, Jason and James are in the Rockies of Colorado for some skiing and a lot of watches. From the new Oris Clipperton LE to many watches we can’t yet talk about, Jason and James are frolicking in the thin air, making turns and chatting watches. After that we have incredible stereos from Burmester and Porsche, what it’s like to connect two cave systems by hand and a hands-on look at the cockpit of an SR-71. Just press play and thanks for listening, send your questions to

Beaver Creek Skiing

Rolf Struder

Oris Clipperton Limited Edition

James’ report from Clipperton

Oris Big Crown Propilot world timer

Oris Big Crown Solo GMT watch

Rolf’s Carl Brashear LE Diver

Black patina’d Halios Tropik

Clipperton Episode of TGN

Porsche Burmester Piece on NUVO

Porsche Panamera Review


Ben Saunders Blog

SR71 Cockpit Tour

Caving video