The Grey Nato - Ep 28 - Rolex

This week we're going deep on Rolex, just as we did in Episode 20 for Seiko. From our shared love of their sport watches to the various phases of Rolex appreciation that the average watch guy will experience, we try and get a handle on what makes this massive brand so appealing. After that, we've got ice diving, camera chat, new straps and John Wick Chapter II. Stay buckled in for Final Notes to hear about one of our favorite car reviewers and a listener who snagged a lovely vintage T-Graph. Just press play and thanks for listening!


Jason Icediving

John Wick II

Fujifilm X100T

Canon EOS M5

Sony A7II S

Rover Haven straps

Jason's Rover Haven strap



Jack's Article

Rolex Submariner

Rolex 16570 Explorer II

Rolex Explorer

Seiko SKX007

Seiko SRP777

Doxa 50th Sub 300


Henry Catchpole

     - "Aston Martin N430 on Scotland's Greatest Driving Road"

     - "Driving Sharkwerks' Porsche Cayman GT4"

     - "The Greatest Driving Road in the World? Porsche Boxster GTS on Majorca"


What Happened to Rob Stewart?

Bon Iver: Full Concert NPR Front Row Music

Matt's Doxa T-Graph - -