The Grey Nato - Ep 30 - Pre Basel + Q&A

Your just-barely-ahead-of-Baselworld Pre-Basel episode with a little Q&A thrown in for some added fun. Jason and James chat about what they think might come out at the show, the various anniversaries that must be represented in some way, and which meetings they are most looking forward too. Next up, James put a (brief) end to his camera hunt and the guys have a solid set of final notes spanning balloon travel and experimental funk (click the links!). Finally, we close the show with a trio of listener questions - if you have a question, send it your way to - just press play, thanks for listening!



50th Anniversary Watches:

Current Rolex Sea-Dweller

Current Omega Seamaster line

Current Omega Speedmaster line 

Current Omega Railmaster


Eterna KonTiki 70th

Seiko SBDX019 (62MAS)

Citizen EcoZilla 

Citizen F100


Tenba Bag

Toppo Briefcase

Uniqlo Jacket


Canon 5D MK IV

Nikon DF


Richard Branson's "Don't Look Down”


Holy Trinties


"Wait For The Moment”

"It Gets Funkier”



AlpinaD Diver Heritage

Halios Laguna II

Watchgecko Tropic

Squinky Tropic Straps

Oris 65

Halios Seaforth


Unimatic Watches

Archimede Flieger

Autodromo Group B

Halios Seaforth