The Grey Nato - Ep 34 - Q&A Awayisode

This week, with both James and Jason off diving, we are cutting through our backlog of Q&A with some excellent questions. From grab-and-go quartz watches to GMTs, smaller divers, risky activities and field watches, your questions are our pleasure! If you have a question for us, please write We will be back in two weeks with a full download from James’ Clipperton Expedition and Jason’s dives with Bell & Ross and Sinn. Thanks for listening, just press play. 


Question 1 - Justin - Cheap grab and go quartz watches

Sunnto Core

GShock 5600

Casio PRW3000

Garmin Forerunner

Scurfa Diver 1

Victorinox Original

Citizen diver/ecodrive

Seiko Solar


Question 2 - Ben Brown - Where’s the GMT?

Bernhart Binnacle GMT II

Seiko 12 hour bezel mod via yobokies


Question 3 - Daniel from Pittsburg - Dive watches under 40mm and sub $1k

Oris 65

Halios Seaforth

Marathon Mid Size TSAR

Used Omega Mid Size 300m

Raven Trekker 40

Unimatic watches for 2017


Question 4 - Lee - Push Button GMTs

Glashutte Original Sport EVO Diver GMT

 Oris Classic Worldtimer


Question 5 - Chris - Risky Activities/Rebreathers

James driving fast cars

Swimming from Alcatraz

Ice Diving


Question 7 - Jose - What about field watches?!

Marathon Navigator

Vintage Benrus Type I or II

Hamilton Khaki Field


Tudor Ranger


Question 8 - Matt, UK - Wear the cool watch in service or no?

Rolex Sea-Dweller 116660 or even a 16660

Wear the Bremont 😃