The Grey NATO - Ep 39 - Seaforth

We’ve waited and mentioned it many times before and now the Halios Seaforth is in the wild! Both Jason and James ordered their ideal version of this hot new diver and the guys break down all the details, #teampastel style. In addition to announcing the new TGN Supporter Bundles, Jason is looking for wallet recommendations and James is off to Pebble Beach (say hi if you’re gonna be there). For final notes, we’ve got lost space stations, a new ebook about watch photography, Netflix’s “Chasing Coral”, and the fastest up the hill at Goodwood.

Kill Hubris

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Muyshondt Fat Herbie

What watch should Jason take to the HMS Hermes? (Instagram or tag him)

Tunnel Bluffs hike (Vancouver)

Pebble Beach car week


Halios Seaforth

Halios Watches Instagram

Toxic Natos

Crown and Buckle Perlons

Rubber Nato

Hadley Roma Cordura


The Little-Known Soviet Mission to Rescue A Dead Space Station (via @nichols.ken)

Full Timed Shootout from Goodwood

“Chasing Coral” (Netflix)

Vincent Lions Phase One Halios eBook

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Puck Photo