The Grey NATO - Ep 43 - The Hermes Adventure

Episode 43 is a debrief on the last few trips of summer, including a deep dive on Jason’s recent trip to Sri Lanka and his dive on the HMS Hermes. From Monterey to Colombo we’re talking cars, planes, shipwrecks, dive watches and more. Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by Kill Hubris - a clothing and accessories brand created by a fellow watch geek and TGN fan. Check out and follow @killhubris on instagram. Thanks for listening, just press play!


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Oak and Oscar Wallet

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Monterey Car Week

Genesis Cars

Watch Spotting at Monterey Car Week

Porsche GT2 RS

Lightweight E Type

250 GTO

Lancia 037

Acura NSX

Bremont English Tour

Mednikow Jewelers - Memphis

Oris Chronoris Review for Hodinkee (pending posting)

Farer Aqua Compressor


Sri Lanka

HMS Hermes

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

Blue Water White Death

PADI Tec 40 certification

Jason’s Rolex 14060

DIVEX Found on the wreck of the Hermes

Swami rock dive


Kill Hubris

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- Latin mug

- Champion Raglans


Julie Kraulis

Watches and Pencils


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“This Plane Could Cross The Atlantic in 3.5 Hours, Why Did it Fail?”