The Grey NATO - Ep 44 - The English Tour

Episode 44 is a mixed episode featuring an interview with Giles and Nick English, the founders of Bremont watches. James caught up with the Bremont Brothers in Memphis for their English Tour - vintage cars, watches, parking lot repairs, we’ve got it all. To round it off, Jason and James chat about the tour and offer up a full-fat serving of Final Notes. Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by Kill Hubris - a clothing and accessories brand created by a fellow watch geek and TGN fan. Check out and follow @killhubris on Instagram. Thanks for listening, just press play!

The English Tour

Nick’s 1970 E-Type Jaguar

Giles 1973 911T 2.4

Churchill Classics

Mednikow Jewelers

Andy Wilson @andyphotofolio

West Mountain Drive - Hot Springs, Arkansas


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“Statement Season” Tee


Haveston NATO straps

Unbox Therapy

Drone and a Train

How the CIA Found A Soviet Sub - Without the Soviets Knowing

This Guy Just Rode and Climbed Colorado’s 100 Highest Peaks, Self Supported and Non-Stop