The Grey NATO - Ep 53 - A Tale of Two Dive Watches

Surprise - we’re talking watches! After a quick look forward at upcoming trips and what it’s like to drive AMGs on a frozen lake, the guys dig into a handful of new watches. Jason has a bevy of budget chronographs, James finally got a Doxa, and they both share their thoughts on the new Farer Aqua Compressor and the MKII Paradive Gen 3. Stick around for Final Notes to go deeper on why complaining is useless, an incredible long read from David Grann, a shipwreck bounty that is too good to be true, and a jaw-dropping new video that pushes the boundaries of where you thought it was possible to ski (don’t skip this one). Just press play, thanks for listening

Driving on a Frozen Lake with Mercedes-AMG
Amy Shore’s instagram
Jason’s Land Rover Wheel Swap
Lappis Tires
James’ new Doxa SUB300 50th Anni Searambler
Jason’s Pinion Atom review
Mercer Lexington
Baltic Watches
Breitling Navi 8 line up
Bremont Townhouse
Halios Seaforth

Farer Aqua Compressor Leven
MKII Paradive Gen 3
Paradise Gen 3 lume shot

“Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” (Netflix)
Complaining is Useless” Outside Mag
The White Darkness (Worsley)
Quattro 2” Candide Thovex