The Grey NATO - Ep 59 - Collecting Watches?

Episode 59: Jason’s been diving in Bonaire and James is back from Rome after driving the Lamborghini Urus. With more dives and drives on the horizon, the guys take a few minutes to catch up over camera gear, a new Vancouver-themed LE from Halios, and diving around Socorro. For the main topic, Jason and James discus how they approach the idea of collecting watches. It’s a wide-ranging chat on appeal, experience, changing tastes, and old classics. To wrap up, Final Notes has 700 Sharks, a super rare and undriven Porsche, micro adventuring, and an outlaw Dino. Thanks for listening, just press play and send your feedback to

Jason’s JLC Polaris Memovox
VIP Diving in Bonaire
Laborghini Urus
Jason Diving with Blancpain
Laurent Ballesta
Gombessa Video
Rokinon/Samyang 12mm F2 Wide Angle Lens
Halios Roldorf LE Seaforth
“Tuxedo Dial”

Speedy Racing Dial at Phillips
Hannah Elliott Instagram

Schuppan Porsche 962CR
@thecultivatedcollector on instagram
“Wilderness” by Alastair Humphries
Dino Monza 3.6 Evo
Laurent Ballesta on instagram
“700 Sharks At Night” by Laurent Ballesta for Nat Geo