The TGN Supporter Bundle allows interested listeners to support the future of The Grey NATO in exchange for some TGN swag. We wanted to avoid the hassle and monthly math of a subscription campaign and we think that donations are best given to actual charities. Instead, we worked with a few of our favorite people to get some swag created, including stickers, patches with Pastiche Patches, and grey NATO straps with signed TGN buckles from Toxic NATOs (see details below).


The inaugural TGN Supporter Bundle (we plan to offer a variety of these in the future) costs $50 USD and comes with a sticker, a patch, and your choice of a 20 or 22mm Grey Toxic NATO strap. If you want both strap sizes the bundle price is $75 USD. These prices include standard mail shipping to your provided address (worldwide is fine).

Please note: at $50+, this is not a good deal for you if all you want is a great NATO strap. You can, and should, get a Toxic NATO directly from their site for $18 before shipping. We only recommend the TGN bundle for those who want to directly support The Grey NATO (thanks!)

We have limited supplies of the straps and patches, so this will work on a first come first serve basis with the possibility to ordering more in the future.

Those wanting to order can use the Paypal button below by using the Buy Now button below. Just select from the available bundles using the drop down menu (20mm, 22mm, or both). Most of the required information (your name, email, and shipping address) will be provided by Paypal (please ensure it is accurate).

Please note that all shipments require a phone number. If that is not provided by your paypal profile, please add it in the notes section below. Please email if you encounter any issues.

/// UPDATE /// 20mm NATOs have sold out, please use the button below to order a 22 mm bundle. 

22mm NATO Bundle
Phone Number for Shipping

As soon as we have processed your order, we will send a confirmation email (please be patient). Should we run out of your preferred strap size, we will contact you directly with further options (selecting another strap size, cancelling your order, etc). All orders will ship by the following Friday via standard letter mail (if you order on a Friday, your package may not ship for a week), please allow an appropriate amount of time for your package to arrive (likely a while).

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please send us a note:

Full Specifications

  • Sticker - 65 mm / 2.55 inches across

  • Patch - Iron on, 63 mm / 2.5 inches across

  • NATO - Toxic N80 Grey with brushed hardware, 20 and 22mm widths, “TGN” engraved on the buckle. Total length: 290 mm - product page here